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Long time since i blog...

Gosh... Last entry was a LOOOOONNNNGGGG time ago! I don't even know what prompted me to log back in! I think I didn't wanna lose my previous ramblings even though some of them are really stupid... Still a part of me I guess!
Anyways, I'm at a new stage of my life where I bid adieu to Australia and embrace new adventures! I truly wonder what the future holds for me cause I go through bouts of YAY!! And then Nay.... Depending on the day.
I have been packing up my room and it's really weird doing it after such a long time, I never thought that when I packed up this room that I would be leaving for good... I always thought it would be a place of my own... With my own furnishings and everything! But looks like that dream will have to be held off...
I really wanna travel and I have held it off so long that I forgot that it was a dream of mine... Only a distant memory. Still feels like a distant memory... But the more I remind myself the more I see it coming true. I am going to do it! I am going to jump on a plane and see the world! :)
I leave behind here... Many good memories and people and it is truly a sad thing to do when I have made my life here for so many years...
As I heard in a song the other day "Saying Goodbye to a world I thought I lived in"... It's a bit harsh but is how I feel.


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