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Retail therapy is ALWAYS good... hehehe!

The weeks have just passed by like seconds... It's amazing everytime I think about an event, it always feels like it happened weeks ago but then i remember wait a minute! It only happend last week! So time passes by when u have LOTS of ur mind... Haha! Too busy right now... I need more "Amelia time". Things have been alright... it hasn't been perfect but I am glad that uni is going to be over soon! Just one less thing to worry about it... heh...
I went shopping today and bought a new pair of shoes which i am absolutely in love with!!! They are amazing! LOL! Just plain ballet styled shoes... But they're like sneakers but girlie girl ones! I have been thinking about getting them for weeks and now that i finally have... YAY! I am glad cause retail therapy makes me happy! Considering all the things happening, it took my mind off many things...
I love how life never stops keeping me on my toes! I relish it really... I know I am always learning! I caught up with Mel today and was just doing the same thing... We shared about what was going on in our lives and I love talking to that girl... She makes me feel sane! I also caught up with Tracy, and we too were talking about life... Tracy has been having boy problems... We all know about those! :D So i tried my best to give her advice... I hope I helped just by being there and telling her that no matter what i'm there for her... I felt bad cause i'm not too sure... I felt like I kept thinking "Am I eligible to give advice when right now I have my own stuff to deal with?" I felt bad that i couldn't fully share with Tracy what was happening in my life right now... *sigh*
But things have been going well actually! I have things to sort out but i'm not in like crazy shit... LOL! I spoke to JP on the phone today... And he made me cry... :( Not in a bad way... I miss him so much! Sometimes I think I wanna just go and hug him for the longest time and all my troubles will melt away... He was telling me that i really shouldn't stress over eveything the way I do... The thing about me is that I don't just go with the flow... I over analyse everything and think of EVERY aspect of it... And think about outcomes and consequences and all that... As a result I get quite stressed... And he was telling me quite firmly that i needed to stop it otherwise I was heading for depression or something... I can't help it though... I am eccentric... heh... I know he only means well and best for me and i am so glad he still cares... U know... I haven't seen him in close to two years now?? Time has flown by SOOOOO super fast! SLOW DOWN!!!! Argh!!! Too many things...
Lastly, Thank u to my best mate!!! I love the new look! Even put up a new user pic! haha! To compliment the new look... hehe!


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