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One year since my last post!

GOSH! How crazy is that?? It's been more than a last year since my last post! So i guess it's good to do a little update though... i bet nobody is reading... hahaha!! Anyways, this is for me really... A reflection on what has happened on the last year...
Wel, I escaped ti Italy after a SHAMBLES of a year... And thank goodness did I get out of that country... It was definitely needed... The breathe of fresh air and just renewal of spirit was absolutely what I needed! I found myself again and I thank God for that really! Just the feeling of being ME again and feeling happy and not worrying about the little things in life make me feel as light as a feather...
Plenty of interesting things happened in the year... I learnt a new language... I met a million and one new people and cultures... I met a new boy... I said bye to the boy... I travelled a part of Europe... (It's just too bloody big... I can't do it all on one trip!) So I'm in my last couple of weeks but i think it will be just right cause right now I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by it... I want to go back to living a semi normal life... At least in the sense of going back home to the same bed. AT LEAST. though I am looking forward to going back home and looking for work and sorting out life back in Singapore after such a long time away from home. I am very excited by the new challenge... I couldn't think of a better one really! I am very excited with what the future has to offer me...
But now I must get this present moment adventure done with... I really like Ireland! Dublin has been great... I have made some interesting friends and actually really having a blast... I have been put out of my comfort zone so much this whole extire year (just a week and a half short of one) but yet i feel so comfortable in my own skin so I am glad... I know it's the ultimate cliche but I went to Tuscany and rediscovered myself and then travelled around Europe to delve even deeper into that! GOSH! I'm a chick flick waiting to happen! Forget Eat Love and Pray, I'll write my own book... haha! I am so grateful for my life... and the people who come with it! Thanks God!
Goodnight world!


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